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О канале «Euronews»

Euronews is a news TV channel, that aims to give people the objective and sufficient information about the situation in the world, so that every viewer can make his own opinion about what is happening around him. Being on air from 1993 and claiming honesty and neutrality to be its main focus, Euronews plays a huge role as a reliable source of information. Around 400 multinational journalists work for the channel and bring dynamic and actual news coverage in 13 languages to the viewers.

Euronews online programming

The programming is organized in 30 minutes’ blocks, which include the latest global news coverage, sports, no comments program, weather forecast, short analytical and other programs. That format is especially convenient for those who want to quickly get the timely information and facts about the most important events that happen globally. The special reports live broadcasts are provided during the day. Among all programs on Euronews the most famous is the “No comments” program with its unique format, showing the most striking videos with original sound and no comments, so that viewer can feel the situation himself and make his own opinion.

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